If you do your research, you can find fitness tips, or at least things to imitate, from most any famous athlete. It’s important to keep in mind that these people tend to have entire staffs at their disposal, not to mention nutrition experts and the best exercise equipment in the world. To some extent, they also get paid to stay fit. That’s just to say, following LeBron James’s fitness advice won’t necessarily get you his body. But generally speaking it’s still a good idea to pay attention to the tips and tricks of some of the fittest people on the planet.

Rather than going for a random spattering of athletes here, we’ve sought out fitness advice from some of the figures who are at the tops of their respective sports lately. These are tips from some of the hottest athletes on the planet right now – some given directly, and some gathered from observation.

Roger Federer – Integrate Quick Cardio Bursts

It’s almost absurd that we can still talk about Roger Federer as a top athlete in his sport. He’s 36 years old, which would typically be past retirement age for a tennis player. Instead, he’s coming off two major titles already in 2017, and he, along with Rafael Nadal, is being mentioned as a favorite for the U.S. Open. Federer has given us all kinds of glimpses and hints of his fitness and nutrition habits over the years. But one interesting things we’ve seen in some of his core workouts is a focus on jumping rope in between sets of other workouts. Federer supposedly likes to squeeze in a minute with the rope in between just about every other exercise, at least in some of his routines, and it’s a nice reminder of the effectiveness of integrating quick cardio bursts. It keeps the heart rate up, keeps fat off (Federer remains stick-thin well past the age of maximum metabolism), and should improve foot quickness as well.

Simone Biles – Stay Stretched Out

Why not check in with everyone’s favorite Olympian while we’re at it? Simone Biles stormed the 2016 Olympics, leading the way for a U.S. women’s gymnastics team that was historically dominant. Biles is already seen by some as the best Olympian gymnast in history, and she probably has another Olympics in her in 2020. Naturally, she got that good by spending a whole lot of time in the kind of gymnastics gym not everyone has access to. As you might expect, however, she’s also discussed the virtues of thorough stretching. Biles emphasizes the point that some have backwards – that it’s more important to stretch after a workout than before it. This is when the body is tense and, as she puts it, it’s important to stretch those muscles down. It’s a great way to improve flexibility, as well as to decrease the likelihood of injury.

Harry Kane – Work Inside Out

Harry Kane has become one of the best soccer players in the world. A forward for England, he plays his club ball at Tottenham United, where he was recently picked to defend his title as the top scorer in the Premier League. Like any top striker, Kane relies on speed, balance, and precision to dominate his sport. And while he’s been a little lighter than some other top soccer players on providing specific workout routines and fitness tips, he has revealed this simple but all-too-often forgotten advice. Kane determined some time ago that he needed to improve his speed, and accordingly worked on strengthening his legs for acceleration. But he also spoke about prioritizing core work to maximize stability. It’s a nice reminder that no matter what you’re trying to work on, the core is the foundation, and it’s a good idea to work from the inside out.

LeBron James – Try A Climber

We’ll finish up with LeBron James, since we mentioned him in the introduction. James may just be the most remarkably fit athlete on the planet. He’s still probably the best player in the NBA and by extension the best basketball player alive, and it’s at least in part because he seems stronger, faster, and more inexhaustible than all of his counterparts. James famously has a ridiculous routine, and reportedly spends upwards of $1 million on his body every year. But in the last year or so he’s also made it known that he’s fond of climbing classes (specifically with the increasingly popular Versaclimber machine). It’s one of the closest thing to a full body, strength and cardio workout you can find, and James swears by it. The Versaclimber itself is very expensive, but you may be able to find classes in your area, and if not there are cheaper alternative mach ines available online.